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Applying the Perfect Garden Gate Finishes

At Oakgate Joinery, our garden gates in Bedfordshire are manufactured and finished to provide optimum protection without compromising on aesthetic appearance.


Oakgate Joinery gates and gate posts can be finished to blend with the aesthetics of each location. Oak and Iroko can be left untreated or lightly oiled to weather and silver off naturally.

We can also apply water borne treatments with a uv filter for minimal environmental impact or spirit based uv products to keep the lustre required in some locations.

Oak Gates

Oakgate Joinery sources and uses forest-grown European oak sourced from FSE graded trees where sustainable replanting programs are utilised to ensure new growth always exceeds the amount of timber we actually use. We are an ethical business model that believes in environmentally friendly working practices that help to preserve our planet for future generations.

Tropical Hardwoods

Some of our hardwood gates in Bedfordshire are made from tropical hardwood carrying the reassuring FSE stamp. For customers who would prefer not to use tropical hardwood, Oakgate Joinery offers European oak, Douglas fir or unsorted redwood as viable alternatives for your garden gate designs.

Oak Gate Joinery